Senior Rookie

I’m beside Axel Merckx on a plane bound for Phoenix, AZ and Team RadioShack’s first camp. We’re both blogging. Trek-LiveSTRONG U23’s “get to know ya” camp just ended in Austin, TX, where the team bonded over paintball, training rides, and Juan Pelota coffees at Mellow Johnney’s. To be invited as a “senior guest rider” gave me growing pains. I’ll miss this team. During a meeting, I gave a brief talk to the new riders about my past two years on the team. I searched myself for advice and lessons learned here and gathered some bullet points. You have a tremendous opportunity. Axel will deal fairly with you. The more you give, the more you get and so on. It felt strange to speak from a position of experience- this is still my team until January 1st and I’m no older than some of the new riders. As I spoke the words oozed my own nervousness and the pressure I felt moving up to a higher level. I stumbled, took a deep breath, and continued. Now I’m the wide-eyed rookie on route for my first Team RadioShack camp.


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