Mundane Holiday?

It’s a rainy day. Thought I’d try poetry. Just don’t call me “cute.” I haven’t written a poem since Junior year of high school, not everything rhymes, and the pacing’s probably off. I’m a lazy poet and/or it’s modern art.

I’ve got no news
Mundane to dos
Routine humdrum
The Thursday blues

Another day
That’s just okay
Like this song I play
Don’t want it this way

Lots of thick lines
Color them in
Same old routine
With a new spin

A holiday’s just 24 hours
It has no special powers
But a face that glowers
Gets called a grinch

That’s plain greedy
Flip it around
Smiling always
Like its the holidays

Snap out of that funk
You thought it stunk
But that was the mundane
Now why complain?

I’ll wake tomorrow
Sip my morning joe
Smile everywhere I go
It’s a holiday, didn’t you know?


About tailwind89

Wriding the world.
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